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Custom Designed Testing For Both
Entry Level & Promotional Exams

Current NFPA & Employer Content, Immediate Results, Technology Based Assessment 


New hire eassessment testing comes in many forms, let our subject matter experts design what’s right for you.


Promotions in your department are key to increasing your responsibilities and your pay. If you want to stay in the police or fire industry, then eventually, you’ll need to get promoted. 


Let our subject matter experts create testing that is right for you. Our team of experts will design and devlope testing based on your departments SOP and Rules and Regulations.

Committed to The Public Safety Industry

Braxton is able to provide the industry complete assessment solutions. From development and validation of tests to scoring, Braxton is your total recruitment solution.

Project Planning, Job Analysis, and Examination Plan Development

1. Schedule and conduct meetings in    conjunction with Department personnel.
2. Conduct a job analysis.
3. Create an examination plan that reflects the job analysis data.

Written Examination Development, Admin, & Scoring

1. Develop a written examination based on required source materials.
2. Research, develop, and customize job‐related exercises.
3. Provide statistical and analytical data.

Practical Exam Development

1. Conduct a candidate informational session(s).
2. Recruit and train assessors for the assessment center.
3. Administer the assessment center. utilizing todays technology. 

Measurability, Training Considerations & Standardization Considerations

Fire & Police New Hire & Promotional Assessment/Testing Centers

To accomplish the objectives outlined in the request for proposal (RFP), the proposed process for each target rank will include three primary components, which are outlined above. The proposed process is designed to meet the stated objectives and services discussed in the RFP.  

Project Planning

Identify the important and frequently performed tasks and duties associated with the target rank

Job Analysis

Identify the overall criticality of the knowledge, skills, abilities, and other
characteristics (KSAOs) required to perform the tasks.

Examination Plan Development

Determine the linkage between the critical tasks and KSAOs.

Develop a Written Examination

Determine where and when the KSAOs are acquired and how important they are to
successful job performances.

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With online educational technology training spreading like wild fire and reaching every part of our daily life, gives you the reason in wanting to GET PROMOTED, let our team of over 75 years put you behind the seat! 



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We will initiate the job analysis process for each rank by researching and studying the target
rank through, at a minimum, literature reviews. Consultants will review information pertaining
to the applicable rank, including duty statements/job descriptions and any other available job‐
specific information.